“Instead of being liked on #socialmedia, try being more interesting” via econsultancy.com #in

“It’s often a challenge for financial services companies to find new and more effective strategies for social media.

One major reason is that all too often, social media strategies are based on making brands more “likeable” and using social media to get more likes on Facebook or more followers on twitter.

But there’s a different more effective approach: instead of being more likeable, how about being more interesting?

What does it mean to be more interesting?
The idea comes from a concept called the “interest graph.” Many of us have heard of the “social graph,” the graph of connections we make on social networks based on people we know such as friends on Facebook or connections on LinkedIn.

The interest graph is different. It’s based on the idea of starting with your interests and then building connections with people based on these shared interests. The result can be a more powerful and connected community that can share a single-minded passion for a subject or topic. Pinterest, GetGlue and Springpad are examples of new platforms that are taking advantage and growing around the use of the interest graph.

How can you be more interesting?
At its heart, being more interesting is about taking advantage of the power and potential of the interest graph. Instead of building a social media strategy around people who know and “like” each other and then getting them to like us, wouldn’t it be more effective to start with people who share the same interests, build a connection with them and then help them spread our message?

The obvious question then is: how do we get more interesting? Or even better, how do we make potentially “boring” financial service products more interesting?”

Find out how to make your social media efforts more interesting on Econsultancy.com


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