#Hotels & #cruise lines learn from #airline #ancillaryfees via @hotelmarketing #travel

Uh oh, looks like someone has been learning from the (ancillary revenue) pros!

“Carnival Cruise Line is testing out a new fee, one that would, among other things, allow priority seating at dinner.

Sound familiar?

It should. While it may seem the airlines have cornered the market on fees, they may have a little competition from hotels and at least one cruise line.”

Hotels and cruise line customers will now have more opportunities to pay additional fees to bump up their level of service as with Carnival Cruise Line which is testing “a $49.95 Faster to the Fun fee… The charge is per cabin, regardless of the number of passengers. It includes the aforementioned priority dinner seating, plus early embarkation and choice of debarkation time, cabin availability and access to the ships’ guest services desk during the cruise.”

Some hotels are using the opposite strategy and are allowing their customers to save some money and opt out of such amenities as maid service. “Starwood, which owns such brands as W, St Regis, Westin and Sheraton gives guests a $5 voucher for food and beverage or 500 Starwood Preferred Guest points for every night they decline housekeeping services.”

Read the full article at HotelMarketing.com.


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