Check out jlnpr’s new @huffpostsmbiz article: “Five Common Public Relations Myths… Busted!”

“One of the most undervalued and underutilized marketing tactics is public relations (a.k.a. PR). This is most likely because most people — my immediate family included — have no idea what PR is.

“No Grandma, I don’t work at the TV station. And no, I can’t introduce you to Anderson Cooper.”

Even some small business owners who are familiar with PR are belaboring under very common myths about the industry. In this article, I’ve debunked the top five most common PR myths in order to show you how PR can help you to market your small business more effectively.

Myth #1: PR equals press releases
Myth #2: Effective PR can replace the efforts of a sales team
Myth #3: Using PR, my company will become famous overnight
Myth #4: PR is cheap
Myth #5: PR is easy so I’ll just do it myself”

To read the rest of the article and find out more about the five PR myths, please visit The Huffington Small Business section at Jennifer Nagy: Five Common Public Relations Myths… Busted!.


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