Hurricane Sandy’s impact felt in weekly hotel performance data via @hotelnewsnow

Some key stats:

  • Washington, D.C., saw a 25.8% decrease to 51.7% for the week, while occupancy in Boston declined 19.7% to 63.1%. Philadelphia, meanwhile, reported a minor drop of 1% to 72.2%.
  • Absolute occupancy numbers remained relatively favorable in New York, where hotels on average sold 80.5% of rooms, a decrease of 7.3% from the prior year.
  • Placing a further drag on demand was Halloween, which took place midweek. The holiday put a damper on group travel across the U.S., as nationwide occupancies declined 18.4% on Wednesday night alone.
  • Overall, the U.S. hotel industry posted a 2.5% decrease in occupancy for the week.
  • According to Jan Freitag from STR: “As usually happens during natural disasters, fears of price gouging by hotels were quickly raised by the media and were once again unfounded as New York City’s weekly average daily rate declined 0.7%. Meanwhile, room rates in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., declined 9.2% and 16% for the week, respectively.”

Sandy’s impact felt in weekly performance data.


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