“Rejoice! Daily deals in travel are dying” via @tnooz

“So what does this mean for tourism operators who made up a good proportion of the revenues for these daily deal sites? How on earth will they market to all those deal hungry consumers out there ready to take a sightseeing tour for 50% off?

I have argued in the past that daily deals are a race to the bottom and, despite my better judgement, I have even attempted to help tourism operators to avoid some of the common pitfalls associated with marketing using daily deal sites.

But the news that daily deals are on the decline is a welcome relief.

It means, hopefully, that small businesses are waking up to the idea that being successful requires a well rounded marketing plan, a solid pricing strategy, revenue management, and most importantly of all a service that people really like…

The group buying concept when taken at it’s core is not a bad idea.  Getting a better deal by getting a group together certainly makes sense for both consumers and for the business.

Most businesses still offer these kinds of group deals and will in the future.  Small tourism businesses just need to go back to basics and invest in marketing that will grow their business in a sustainable and profitable way.”

Read the full article: Rejoice! Daily deals in travel are dying | Tnooz.


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