Good news: PR will be officially defined by end of January

One of the most common problems that PR practitioners face is a lack of understanding about what exactly PR is. I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve tried (and failed) to explain my job to my family and friends; eventually, I just tell them that my job is to get journalists to write about my clients. Makes it easier.

Even within the industry, there is no common consensus about what PR actually is. Until now…

“PRSA chair and CEO Rosanna Fiske has posted an updated timeline for the organization’s #PRDefined campaign, which has been collecting suggestions and recommendations for a modern definition of public relations.

When we last checked in on November 30, words like “organization” and “relationships” were frontrunners. According to Fiske’s post, those words are still on top with words like “engages” and “client” also included. The PRSA got 927 submissions with more than 15,000 words when the December 2 submission deadline was reached.

At this point, a Task Force will be narrowing down the choices and then public voting will take place, all leading to a definition by late-January. The PRSA is still accepting suggestions and feedback.”

via PR Will Be Defined By Late-January – PRNewser.


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