What effect will Facebook’s Graph Search have on marketing & consumer behavior? via @mediapost

“The ability to mine data related to friends presents a new way to find potential and existing customers who are more likely to have similar attributes to a brand or product’s core audience, said Anna Banks, VP of strategy at Organic. Opportunities become more than just finding the targets; it’s about leveraging the network to market or endorsements — either spontaneously or prompted via reward, the products and services.

Graph Search will change the way that Facebook members use the site, said Will Critchlow, co-founder at search engine optimization agency distilled. It means conditioning Facebook members to perform searches when they want to know something, such as “has anyone used” a specific piece of software or “who in my network likes” Starbucks coffee, he said in a video uploaded to YouTube.

Kenshoo CMO Aaron Goldman said since Graph Search supports social context it should improve click and conversion rates. It will require brands to continually keep Fan pages updated and complete. Sponsored Results will become part of Graph Search, and the improvements in functions should generate more adoption from both consumers and marketers.”

Read more: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/191242/graph-search-will-change-marketing-social-behavio.html?edition=55592#ixzz2IGsock6p

Read more at MediaPost. Find out more about Graph Search on Facebook.


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