“New data shows travelers are calling hotels more than before” via @tnooz

A new study from Marchex shares new data about consumer booking habits:

  • Mobile callers convert into customers at a higher rate than desktop users.
  • The conversion rate is consistently “over 25% for rental cars and over 20% for hotels.”
  • Mobile consumers call hotels more often in the evening than desktop consumers.
  • Consumers are in “purchase mode” on the phone and have an urgent intent to book.
  • That said, 62% of the calls analyzed for this study “were not destined for a sale.” These calls were either intended for customer service – such as confirming reservations – or they were misdials and disconnects.
  • Consumers most often call because of special requests having to do with, for instance, an event or room location. These requests require talking to someone.
  • More than a third of callers had questions about room locations, views, and nearby events, such as how far of a walk it was to President Obama’s inauguration.
  • The travel industry trails other industries in converting voice calls to sales.

via Revenge of the call center: Travelers are calling hotels more than before, says study | Tnooz.


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