Twitterviews: Is Twitter Making Job Interviews Obselete? via @refinery29

Are Resumés Becoming Obsolete? “Twitterviews” Would Have Us Think So

By Emma Neville, Refinery29

“It turns out that one of our favorite social-media platforms, Twitter besides potentially being a total weight-loss asset, has now become our BFF in the job-search arena, as well. According to ABC, numerous tech, media, and marketing companies are said to be throwing the old-fashioned resumé and cover letter to the wind in favor of “Twitterviews.” Yep, believe it or not, that just became a thing.

Forget the in-person you know, IRL (in real life) interview, because a Twitterview goes like this: A company will tweet out an interview question and expect you to tweet back a response in 140 characters or less. Based on the response, it is then determined if you are a suitable applicant. So, what do you think, are alternative, social-media based “interview” tactics like this more or less effective than traditional resumés and cover letters? Spill below!

via Twitterviews – Is Twitter Making Interviews Obselete?.


One response to “Twitterviews: Is Twitter Making Job Interviews Obselete? via @refinery29

  1. Cant see it happening for the majority of jobs although I guess its like an elevator pitch in some ways so may be an inroad to a formal interview. What about those who are better in person than on paper or on twitter? Most business is still done face to face and IRL so would you not want to base your decision on meeting the candidate?

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