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What Social Media Tactics Should I Be Using to Promote My Property?
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In the past, companies social media outreach has focused mainly on Facebook and Twitter, but today, blogs are becoming an equally important channel. Blogs are a fantastic way to communicate a propertys brand to readers. Unlike other social media channels, companies can completely integrate their corporate identity into their blog, by using the logo, images, colors, fonts, etc. that visually represent your property. Because blogs dont have any restrictions on word count, it enables a property to more effectively communicate its brand “personality” and key messages to readers.

Like with all other marketing activities, it is necessary to create a long-term strategy for your blog. Think about what you would like to accomplish with your blog in the next six months, a year and two years. Once youve decided, create your strategy document. Your initial strategy should include your objectives both short and long-term, a timeline and schedule of topics at least 1-3 months in advance. Once youve created your strategy, every design, content or marketing decision should be based on accomplishing the goals set out in the document.

Read the rest of the article, including specific blogging best practices/tips at What Social Media Tactics Should I Be Using to Promote My Property?.


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