Surprised to learn peer pressure is as prevalent today as it was in high school? Read my latest @NotableCA article to find out why.

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Peer Pressure

“It’s been a long time since the days when peer pressure involved smoking a cigarette behind the back of the school or ganging up on the school nerd. As kids, peer pressure was there to push us to try things that were “wrong” or “bad” – things that we might not have actually chosen to do if left to our own devices.

But then, we grew up. Peer pressure changed.

Instead of drugs and alcohol, peer pressure became about wedding rings and babies. Pressure to skip school turned into pressure to attend (post-secondary) school. Unlike the peer pressure of yesteryear, today, peer pressure has become about pushing you to do what is considered “best for you.”

It makes me wonder: “best for you” according to whom?”…

Read the rest of the article at The Peer Pressure of.


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