Ten of the Most Useful New Social Media Tools of 2013 (so far) via AdamVincenzini.com

Reprinted from AdamVincenzini.com

1. Dominder.com

Do you own a lot of domain names? Then you’ll love Dominder.com just like Biscuit the Cat. As the name suggests, it is a reminder service for your domain names which means youll never miss those important re-registration dates.The interface is really clean too. Definitely one for your toolkit.

2. WooBox.com

This has become a big favourite at my workplace.WooBox.com is a Facebook brand page app service that provides a host of free and paid for apps, ranging from Instagram tabs to competition solutions. If you manage Facebook pages, and want to add apps of all kinds, this is a great resource. Another similar site worth considering is shortstack.com.

3. Tagboard.com

If hashtags are a big part of your social media presence, then Tagboard is definitely for you. Tagboard tracks hashtags across all major platforms Twitter, Instagram, Vine, G+ so you can see where the tags are being used.You can then create your own tagboard which gives you an aggregated look at all activity which you can then share along the line.

4. Feedspot.com

Feedspot is pitched as a new RSS reader. It allows you to pick and follow blogs based on your interests and then make suggestions based on your activity. Feedspot also allows you to import your Google Reader subscriptions. Happy days.

5. Piktochart.com

This one is billed as an infographic and presentation tool for non-designers. If you are tasked with creating compelling visual content on a regular basis this will really come in handy. As with most design-based tools, you have free access to a portion of the tools capabilities but youll need to pay for all the bells and whistles.

6. LiveTweetApp.com – A live tweet wall tool for your events and conferences.

7. Picozu.com – An online drawing and photo retouching application.

8. Zeen.com – Another image generation tool which gives you the ability to create shareable poster-style pieces of content.

9. Youtube.videodeck.net – This is essentially tweetdeck for YouTube and allows you to follow your favourite subscriptions and content via a dashboard style experience.

10. RockMelt Mobile download via app store – RockMelt launched to great fanfare a couple years ago as a social web browser but has evolved significantly to become one of the best mobile-based social discovery apps.

via AdamVincenzini[dot]com: 10 of the Most Useful New Social Media Tools of 2013 so far.


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