The state of in-flight WiFi in the US via @skift & @routehappy

A new report from RouteHappy gives us some good info about the state of in-flight WiFi in the US:

  • “Flyers can count on Wi-­Fi on 38% of domestic US flights, covering 44% of flight time.
  • Delta, Southwest and US Airways (in that order) have the most flights with Wi-Fi.
  • Virgin America and AirTran have 100% of their fleets Wi-Fi-enabled.
  • By route, flights from LAX to SFO and JFK have the most Wi-Fi, with Atlanta-Orlando the third most connected US route.
  • International Wi-Fi is becoming a reality. 38 daily international flights from the US have Wi-Fi. A further 241 have a chance of Wi-Fi or cellular roaming.
  • In economy, 100% of Virgin America flights and all United p.s. flights with Wi-Fi have power.
  • Most American Airlines flights with Wi-Fi also have power (515 out of 541 Wi-Fi equipped 200 flights).
  • By aircraft type, flyers can be most certain that they’ll have Wi-Fi when flying on the MD-90, A321 and even DC-9 planes from the 1970s.
  • SkyTeam has the most US flights with Wi-Fi, but oneworld will catch up soon.”

To find out more and read the full RouteHappy report, please visit


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