Spanish #hoteliers upbeat about winter outlook via @hotelnewsnow

“Spanish hoteliers are feeling good about the winter season and predict it will be the best since the country was plunged into an economic crisis, the Confederation of Spanish Hotels and Tourist Accommodations announced this week, citing results from a survey of its members…

Spain was already on its way to posting what could be its best year ever for foreign tourist arrivals, which are expected to equal or beat the 58.6-million visitor record set in 2007 before the crisis began, according to forecasts by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy & Tourism.

In the CEHAT survey, almost 70% of respondents said they were confident of an improved macroeconomic climate in Spain’s main tourism-generating markets as well as at home, compared to 55% in a similar survey taken last year…
Regarding the average length of hotel stay in the winter months, approximately 80% said they expected it to remain the same for foreign guests and Spaniards as in 2012, while 13% said they predicted longer stays by foreigners.
Hotel profitability will be stable or rise compared to last year, according to 52% of the respondents, but 48% said it would decrease.”

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