Journalists Report How They Use Social Media

Do you ever wonder how journalists use social media? According to a recent study by Cision, 82% journalists prefer to be contacted via email (instead of social media of by phone). While they use social media for work purposes, it isn’t always in the way that you would expect.

Of the journalists questioned about social media, they reported that:

  • 84% use it for publishing
  • 81% use it for sourcing
  • 80% use it for networking
  • 73% use it for monitoring
  • 64% use it for verifying
  • 55% of the journalists reported that they spend an average of 1-2 hours on social media for work a day
  • 45% post original comments on social media sites daily
  • 34% engage with comments received in relation to work daily

This infographic lays out a lot of other great information in regards to their study.

How journalists use social media

So will you adjust your 2014 media relations strategy to integrate outreach via social media? Share your thoughts on this emerging channel in the comments.

Graphic courtesy of Cision


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