Are Your Emails Reaching Consumers?

According to a study by ReturnPath, 22% of emails users chose to opt into are not reaching the subscriber Because of spam trapping, email filters, and more.

So how can you make sure that your emails are reaching your marketing list?

Spam Trapping: Email filters will trap domain names that appear spammy.

Trigger Words: Subject lines that include words like “buy”, “buy direct”, “cheap”, “cash”, “f r e e”, “friend”, “dear”, etc. will often push marketing emails into spam folders. For a more comprehensive list of words that are often marked as spam, read this Hubspot post on spam trigger words.

But for every spam word, there are also positive trigger words that help messages land in priority inboxes, such as “SMS”, “attachment”, “statement”, “reply”, “forward”, “welcome”, “invite”and “password”.

Tabbed Inboxes

As you may or may not know, Gmail now sorts your emails automatically into three different inboxes. 90% of promotional emails will land in the Promotions tab and will only get a 14% read rate. However, emails landing in the Primary tab have a read rate of 24%, making it important to get your email into this priority folder to ensure the best ROI on your message.

Readers are able to move their emails into the Primary tab by simply dragging the email into the Primary tab and selecting “Yes” when Gmail promptly asks if you want future emails from [brand name] in your Primary inbox. Therefore, many marketers have sent emails requesting readers to move their emails to the Primary tab to ensure they receive the messages that they opted in to receive.

Engaging content

Most importantly, keep your consumer interested in your emails by tailoring your messages to what the reader wants to ead, and they will continue to read and interact with your emails. Keep your email lists “clean” (meaning that you only send to those who have opted in and sort through the list to remove duplicates, bouncebacks and those who don’t read your messages) because that email providers will gauge your performance on whether or not people actually open your emails (or if they delete them right away). If you notice that someone has not opened your emails three times, you should consider removing them from your email list.

How email marketing is changing

Source and image courtesy of Kissmetrics 


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