Social Sales Success in the B2B Environment

In this modern age, consumers look to their peers to know what they should purchase. ‘Social selling’ is based upon building a connection between the brand and consumer in a social media setting for a better and more connected sales experience.

However, this experience is not just solely for business to consumer brands. A study by the CEB reports: “60% of the B2B buying process in a complex sale is already complete before the prospects are willing to engage with a live salesperson.” According to Ridge Consulting, the emerging trend is that B2Bs are increasingly using fully integrated social media, with 37% of those surveyed saying they will be very involved in social media in 2014 and only 4% reporting they would not use it.

Three separate companies shared statistics on how they utilized social selling to significant success. LinkedIn saw a 50% increase in converting leads, IBM saw a 400% increase in sales and Clavis Technology’s social selling campaign generated 100 leads in a short amount of time. IBM monitored social channels based on topics within their categories. Then, the sales team hopped in the online conversation to engage with users and drive the sale.

Social Selling B2B


To begin adopting social selling for your business, it’s important to focus on what trends, hot topics and social media channels are useful for your B2B. LinkedIn and Twitter are typically the most beneficial for B2Bs. On LinkedIn, join related groups to begin discussions on your topic and on Twitter, search for related topics/conversations and join the conversation. Share your insider knowledge, blog posts and articles that you find relevant. Watch for companies and mutual connections that you can gain insight and referrals from.

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