What do Millennials Want on Flights?

Travel-booking website Hipmunk polled 3,000 travelers in October to study the difference in travel values between millennials (aged 18-34) and Gen-X travelers (35-54).  Those polled were currently users of Hipmunk’s application, website or on the company’s email list.

“Airlines used to live in a world where the only things that mattered were fares and schedules,” says Hipmunk’s CEO Adam Goldstein. “Millennials show how the industry is shifting. Tech-savvy travelers care more about the in-flight experience.”

They discovered 45% of millennials wish to e-chat or play games with passengers (vs. 36% of Gen-Xers). 79% of millennials would enjoy seasonally themed snacks and movies and 24% would pay extra for a child-free flight (I’m definitely one of these!).

They also uncovered that millennials book their vacations later than Gen-Xers, usually less than six months in advance.

Expedia’s business travel site, Egencia, also uncovered some similar information about this generation of travelers; the site discovered that millennials can’t live without onboard WiFi and would prefer to pay for good meals on flights (than eat free, unappealing meals).


Source: http://www.latimes.com/travel/deals/la-trb-hipmunk-survey-travel-habits-20140122,0,7303294.story#axzz2rvISoobe


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