How Can Travel Companies Better Their Digital Channels?

Now, more than ever, it is vital for hotels to utilize all the digital channels available when promoting their property. The most recent ITB World Travel Trends Report noted that 65% of holidays are booked online vs. 24% through travel agencies. Additionally, Tradedoubler Insight Unit reported that 1 our of 5 of travel bookings made in the UK are via mobile.

So, how can you make sure that your customers are receiving the best digital experience possible?

Q&A the Website, Mobile Site, Tablet Site, and any Apps

Check for loading problems, broken links, payment errors, bad navigation and update all the information in real-time as it changes. Immediately fix any errors you may find as customers are more likely to leave the website if they encounter any errors, instead of looking for another way to find the info that they are looking for. When possible, try to make the different platforms seamless and easy-to-use in case a consumer jumps from web browsing to mobile.


Know Your Customer

Monitor the insights and analytics for your property’s website. Pay attention to customer behavior, including where and why they have left your website, what caused them to abandon their checkout and what content leads to the highest conversions. If you are advertising, refresh your ads regularly and make sure they are relevant and converting as well.

Connect the Dots

Use the knowledge you gained (through your analytics) to tailor your advertising and marketing to the consumer. If a specific search phrase is more popular at a certain time of the year, incorporate that copy into a promotion that you arrange during that specific time of year. Finding other patterns – i.e. when consumers jumps off the page, etc. – should help you determine what content/language/design works and what doesn’t.



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