Positive Digital Experiences Improve Customer Loyalty

MCD Partners polled 1,000 American travelers on their opinions on digital travel experience. Unsurprisingly, travelers stated that a positive digital experience improved their customer loyalty toward a brand.

The study showed that 70% of customers chose that digital experiences impacted their choice in a moderate or strong way.


Out of those polled, 74% said they would like hotels to leverage their digital information to tailor their experiences.  It is worth nothing that 25% of people did not wish to have their details tracked digitally, and one may want to consider asking at check-in what they prefer. 80% of those polled said that the ability to set personal preferences was somewhat or very important to them. Preferences that can be noted include items such as allergies, wanting a specific newspaper each day, needing an iron, and more.

Some consumers would like to see the digital experience go the extra mile and may encourage them to be loyal toward a specific brand. According to the poll, consumers liked the idea digital devices to order room service, schedule a taxi pickup, request a late pickup, ask concierge tips, see amenities, automated check-in, and even to use as a room key. To learn more about the study, view the whitepaper on it here. http://mcdpartners.com/news/mcd-releases-hospitality-white-paper/

Source: http://www.tnooz.com/article/heres-us-travelers-want-hotels-far-digital-experiences/

Source: http://mcdpartners.com/news/mcd-releases-hospitality-white-paper/



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