8 Ways for Hotels to Leverage Social Media

EyeforTravel hosted their 7th annual Social Media & Mobile Strategies for Travel conference this past week in San Francisco. At their “Essential Insights” session, they provided attendees with eight tips for hotels on how best to use social media:

  1. Find your voice: Identify what makes you different and use that to craft your unique voice in an inundated landscape.
  2. Be transparent: Consumers know social media managers are not the business owners of brands. Help humanize this aspect by introducing your social media managers.
  3. Update content regularly: Keep followers engaged by providing consistent content updates and engaging with those who message or mention you within 24 hours.
  4. Use rich content: Rich media, meaning posts with graphics or video, have three times the engagement rate in comparison to text-only content.
  5. Take a risk: New platforms can be daunting but integrating it into your social media strategy early can yield great success. Pinterest is a great example of a platform companies were hesitant to use but which has increased sales and become a fantastic tool for all travel marketers.
  6. Prepare for real-time customer service: There must someone available to receive and engage with social media comments in real-time, especially when related to customer service needs.
  7. Create crisis management strategies: Share real-time updates and create a strategy that will allow you to get through a crisis smoothly.
  8. Measure performance: Measure your social performance to make sure your time and energy is being spent in the proper area and assess how to better your strategy.

Source: https://www.hotelnewsnow.com/Article/13364/8-ways-to-leverage-social-media



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