3 Reasons YOU Should Be in the Content Business

“Online content” is a vague term and we can help you define it. Despite what you may think, online content is king- just as being listed in newspaper ads used to be.

You can use content to measure your knowledge, showcase your expertise, and tell the story behind your product. Ways to create content include writing, blogging, utilizing social media, submitting articles and press releases to websites, writing e-books, and creating videos. Not sure you believe us still? Here are the three main reasons to get out there.

  1. Competition is fierce: There are so many options readily available for every facet of travel! The internet is an overwhelming resource of information and can hinder one’s ability to make a decision. Creating content that showcases why your application, technology, property, or airline is the best in the business will help you appear higher in search rankings and get found by those who want a quick solution to their needs.
  2. Trust sells: People test a business once and return to solidify long-term relationships if they experience quality service and continued interactions with that business. New, quality content reminds customers to return to interact with your business and continues to build trust in the relationship.
  3. Sharing is caring: Find ways to make shareable content. People are more willing to promote something they feel connected to and enjoy sharing with their community if you create content they like.


Whether long or short-form content creation, content is king and in order to stay current, you must adopt some form of content creation and marketing. Luckily for you, we can help with that! Let us know if you have any questions.

Source: http://www.inc.com/michelle-manafy/3-reasons-you-should-be-in-the-content-business.html?cid=sf01002


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