AllTheRooms Lets You Explore Rooms Available at Your Destination

Searching for a lodging can be an extremely daunting task. There are several sites to use or you wind up searching each hotel’s rate one by one. However, AllTheRooms introduces a new way to find your lodging. AllTheRooms is considered an aggregate site and scans potential room sources from hotels, rental services, and even Airbnb. Using your location, AllTheRooms allows you to see a rental room via Airbnb next to a hotel’s offering all on one site.  Instead of feeling overloaded when you look for a place to stay, all your options are presented to you seamlessly.

“We’re still the only site besides Airbnb that has all of Airbnb’s inventory, allowing it to be compared directly with hotels,” said co-founder William Beckler. “We have dozens of other homestay sites that aren’t as famous as Airbnb but all worth checking.”

Would you consider using an aggregate to list your property or book a room?




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