What is “Mute” on Twitter?

Twitter recently announced a new hurdle for brands on Twitter- the “mute” option! This new feature on Twitter allows individuals to “mute” Twitter accounts without unfollowing them so they no longer see updates in their feeds. You will no longer see their Tweets, RTs, or any of their interaction with your Tweets. This can come in handy if one user becomes too obnoxious for your liking during a sports game or spoils television episodes for you, and you may remove him from being on mute when the time period is over.

For brands, this new feature can prove to be a challenge, as your updates will not be displayed to anyone who mutes you. So what is our best advice to avoid being placed on mute? Don’t post too frequently or create polarizing opinions. Stick to quick, shareable, PC content- or hire us to do it for you.


Source: http://marketingland.com/twitters-new-mute-feature-means-brand-visibility-sure-thing-83475


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