How Content Marketing Has Shifted PR

I recently read an exceptional article about how the birth of content marketing has created a new breed of PR person: the hybrid publicist, which is a publicist who uses modern advances alongside traditional PR techniques.

More than ever, it is important that publicists stay abreast of new trends and ways to market in both traditional and newer PR strategies – and content marketing is the biggest and best new marketing technique to consider implementing for your business today. I posted a while ago in the Huffington Post about the importance of content marketing, and I truly believe that it is an essential part of PR strategies. Content marketing costs less than traditional advertising methods—and can generate up to three times the leads. This infographic from DemandMetric showcases just how important content marketing really is for your business.


Does this all seem a bit overwhelming? This is where hybrid publicists (like all of us at jlnpr!) come in handy. Using exciting, engaging content, we can help your company deliver your story and key messages to the exact audience that you are working to reach at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing mediums.

Ready to get started today? jlnpr is currently offering an introductory offer for companies looking to start a content marketing strategy. When you sign a six-month contract with jlnpr for content marketing (or PR) services, we will give you your first month for free! To sign up, please contact Jenn at





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