Hilton Announces It Will Introduce Smartphone as Room Key Soon

Do you feel that current hotel check-in queues are outdated? You can guarantee that Millennials do – and hotels should be paying attention to the needs of this valuable market. Millennials currently comprise the largest generation in the U.S. (at 80 million individuals) and are anticipated to be the next largest group of business travelers. In general, Millenials are accustomed to speed and automation in all aspects of their lives. In fact, many may not even remember a time without automated airline check-in or mobile banking.


Since many Millennials have little patience for check-in lines, Hilton Worldwide has developed a new app that will appeal to them. Hilton Worldwide is the first major hotel brand to utilize smartphones as check-in devices and room keys. Checking-in will only require a moment of human interaction to receive a room key until early 2015, at which time the company will introduce the ability to enter a room using a smartphone (for some of its hotels). Additionally, guests will be able to select their room viewing a digital image of the floor plan.


This new, user-friendly way to get into a room will definitely appeal to tech-savvy Millennials, but guests from all demographics will also appreciate the speed and convenience of this tool. But, do you think any of the hospitality aspect of hotels could get lost in translation?




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