In-flight WiFi Pricing Changes

Curious what a Gogo inflight Internet session will cost you? Although the service is aboard many airplanes, the prices fluctuate for the same offering and there can be different price points at any given time. All-day Wifi prices can fluctuate between $16.95-$30.95. “Buy 2 hours, get 1 free!” can range from $10-$25.


Currently, Gogo is trying to determine how to maximize revenue and determine the price point at which the user feels comfortable buying their internet services. The fluctuation can seem unpredictable and frustrating to frequent travelers, but they will notice the cost increase during peak hours. They are also testing out whether “Buy 60 Min, Get 30 Free!” is more effective than “Buy 2 Hours, Get 1 Free!”. Only time will tell what works best for them, and until then passengers will probably notice price changes for Wifi.


At what price point do you feel comfortable purchasing inflight Wifi?


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