How to Draw More Attention to Your Tweets

With tons of friends, followers and fans on our social media platforms, content can easily get hidden in the vast number of messages posted every minute, every hour and every day. Although Twitter has recently started using new algorithms to determine what users see in their timelines, it is still a live feed, meaning that older content gets pushed to the bottom quickly when new tweets are posted.

So how can we increase our tweets’ visibility with our followers? Here are four ways to draw more attention to your Twitter posts:

1. Make your tweets more interesting

Approximately 59% of Twitter links never get clicked. The most effective way to get followers intrigued about your posts is by having compelling tweets that don’t give away the entire story. Followers aren’t going to click your link if you’re giving too much away in the tweet; why would they read 500 words when they’ve learned what they wanted to know in one sentence? Instead, try titles that ask questions, are open-ended or make the follower curious to learn more.

2. Share your posts more than once

There’s tons of content being shared on Twitter timelines. The average user has 208 followers. Some followers may be posting multiple times a day and that can bring your tweet to the bottom of the feed in minutes. The best way to get your content noticed and shared is by posting it multiple times. Only 27% of users check their Twitter more than once a day so posting throughout the day or at different times throughout the week will help get your content noticed by more people.

3. Know the best times to post content

This relates to the second point. Though it is effective to share your post more than once, it’s also helpful to know what times are best to post content on Twitter. From Monday to Friday from 12pm to 3pm and on Wednesday from 5pm to 6pm are the best times to post.

Please note that this is only a general guideline. If you feel that your audience responds more often during their commute to work or right before bed, it’s beneficial for you to post at those times instead of sticking to the general guidelines.

4. Use videos and images

Catchy and compelling content is great when it comes to getting clicks but how do you get followers to notice your tweet at all? Followers are more likely to see and read your tweet if there’s a funny GIF or visually appealing image posted within the tweet. Research shows that adding a photo increases your visibility by 35% and adding a video increases it by 28%.

Happy Tweeting! Can you think of any tips that we’ve missed? Comment below with your thoughts and to share your ideas.


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